Entwicklers has always been determined to deliver value across a range of software products and services via blogging, web and Android app-based products. Some of our reckoning software products available in the market are:-


Zitat is an Entwicklers’s product designed and compiled by Aditya Prasun and Ankit Pandey for Windows and Android Platforms. The word ‘Zitat’ is a German word that means quote or quotations. Zitat is a firm believer of its motto that shall always motivate you to reach your pinnacle and rightfully stated as:-

Let’s achieve success, love and health

It serves to educate and entertain audiences of all ages with family-friendly quotations from history’s most prominent figures through to today’s newsmakers – famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, authors, and everything in between. As we are passionate about quotes, and on a mission to share our knowledge with the world.

Our quotations database is one of the largest on the web, and getting bigger every day.  We attract educators, students, writers, journalists, researchers, media professionals and quote-lovers of all ages.

C/C++ School

Java School


TechWalle, is a free as well as a paid app, only available on Android OS platform. It is a wallpaper application with a collection of varied wallpapers especially handpicked for smart-phones.

While the free version uses the wallpapers provided by the Entwicklers. Whereas in the paid version, the user can customise the application according to his/her own will, the user can place their own set of wallpapers in the Picasa Web Albums, and then set their own Google User-name in the settings window of TechWalle. The user can also change the size of the grid in which the wallpapers are displayed. Moreover, the paid version will provide them with an ads-free environment in our application.

TechWalle nor Entwicklers(the governing body of ‘TechWalle’) will be responsible for the copyright infringement of any of the wallpapers available in our application. All the wallpapers shown here are freely made available via varied online sources.


SACK Dock is an exclusive software from Entwicklers, which has been dual licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) and the GNU General Public License version 2 with Classpath exception. It has designed and implemented by our hard-working team of engineers at Entwicklers. This dock will help you to get several system services like an Alarm, Shut-down timer, Clock, Smart-Watch and most important of all is the Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. All these services shall be available to you simply on your own system. The salient features that are provided by this dock are exclusive as you may not find any such product

NOTE: Project is currently under scrutiny and technical up-gradation, and is yet to be re-launched on the internet.


RuPort is a prototype of an Android Application that captures the currently non-existing feature of accessing banking facilities while the user is offline. Our target users will be the customers of retail banks. It has a simple, smooth execution and is available to users in English. The responses and actions are quick in both online and offline mode.